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Karen Ellis


Karen Ellis is the owner/curator of Pilates Nerd.  She is a Pilates instructor and a studio owner. She draws inspiration from nearly everything, especially people.  She has been so deeply impacted by her fellow colleagues and their enthusiasm for all things Pilates, that she felt it was a “movement” worthy of repute: hence Pilates Nerd® was born!  Her obsession with Pilates is apparent on Pilates Nerd® FB, where conversations with other Pilates Nerds spark ideas for fun posts! When she’s not teaching Pilates (or doing it) she’s likely creating new Pilates Nerd product or shipping it! You’ll probably run into Karen at a workshop, a class or a conference that relates in some way to…you guessed it – Pilates!

I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.

– Einstein

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