Long Sleeve “Clara”

Long Sleeve “Clara”


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Pilates Nerd model ‘Lisa Hubbard

Lisa is wearing the Long Sleeve “Clara” in Grey .  It has a loosely fitted torso and fitted sleeves. It has the glasses logo in Gold on the front and the back is plain.


Comes in Black with Gold Foil, Black with Silver Foil, Grey with Gold Foil or Maroon with Gold Foil

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About Lisa Hubbard

Pilates Nerd-Who inspires you in your Pilates career?

Lisa Hubbard: Countless gifted teachers inspire me, many who are featured on Pilates Anytime, and then there are many more. The method continues to inspire me daily, and a growing and caring community as in this forum/blog.

-What teachers mentor you/inspire you?

LH: Rael Isacowitz has been a long time mentor and dear friend. He has been the most influential and inspirational through my journey and pivotal in my Pilates career. I have also learned a wealth from Alicia Head, who is truly inspirational in every sense of the word. I am honored that she is a part of Rhythm Pilates™ assisting me to create choreographed Pilates sequences to music.

-What else informs your work?

LH: GYROTONIC®, Yoga, Dance, Barre and taking weekly classes with a diverse group of teachers and investing in continuing education and workshops.

-Do you have any favorite authors, hobbies, books, Pilates books, music, passions, equipment, exercises, etc.

LH: I have recently enjoyed books by Jeannette Walls and I just started reading the Old Testament. My favorite Pilates book is ‘Pilates Anatomy’ by Rael Isacowitz & Karen Clippenger. My passions include family, travel, music, dancing, the outdoors, healthy foods and fine red wine.

-Where did you receive your Pilates training?

LH: Body Arts & Science International (BASI Pilates®)

-How long have you been teaching?

LH: I have been teaching since January 2000.

-City you teach in?

LH: I primarily teach in Costa Mesa, CA, but I also get to travel abroad on teaching assignments for BASI Pilates.

You can find Lisa at RhythmPilates.com



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