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Short Spine Is Divine – Muscle Tee

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Because Short Spine Is Divine…


Also available in a Navy Heather color.


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About Carrie Pagès

Pilates Nerd-Who inspires you in your Pilates career?

Carrie Pagès: This can be people or things outside the work 🙂
My clients inspire me everyday. I love looking at my day ahead and thinking what can I do to make their day better? I am there first and foremost to teach them Pilates but I also consider whether they are needing to de-stress, disconnect from their responsibilities or even just need to have a good laugh. I love making their session 100% unique to their needs that day.

-What teachers mentor you/inspire you?

CP: Karen Sanzo facilitated my training program and completely changed the way I looked at movement. As an ex-dancer I had always looked at what my body was doing wrong and how I could change it to do things right. Karen taught me to approach how the body is moving and consider how it could move differently. Not wrong, not right, just different. It was a life changing concept for me!

-What else informs your work?

CP: I love the learn from others. If I’m not able to travel and do workshops or conventions then I do it from my computer at home. I love Pilates Anytime and usually take at least one class per week on it. I also get inspired by my favorite Instagram Pilates accounts. I love @gracehurrypilates and @annievaderame

-Do you have any favorite authors, hobbies, books, Pilates books, music, passions, equipment, exercises, etc.

CP: I’m going 100% Pilates Nerd on this one but “Return To Life” is a constant inspiration in my work. I learn something new every time I read it. It is absolutely my favorite book of all time. How’s that for nerdy?! I also love listening to podcasts while I’m driving. Pilates Unfiltered is in my top 3. I love that it makes me feel like I am a part of the today’s Pilates community. I live in a small town and it’s easy to feel secluded. The interviews and Jenna’s insight are fun and make me feel like I’m in the room with her.

-Where did you receive your Pilates training?

CP: I was trained in Charleston, SC through the PilateSystem Certification program. Colleen Glenn of Peak Pilates and Karen Sanzo of Pilates Unlimited and Balanced Body were the program facilitators. It was a year long, full comprehensive training program and I loved the full immersion and intense focus it required.

-How long have you been teaching?

CP: I’ve been teaching for 17 years and been a studio owner for 15.

-City you teach in?

CP: I teach in Wilmington, NC on the gorgeous Carolina coast.

Learn more about Carrie and check out her online videos at

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