Happy Holidays, Pilates Nerds!

This year’s holiday gift guide is filled with instructor- created products and my personal favs to help you look forward to even more Pilates and gift giving! Wishing you the happiest of holidays.

xo – Karen

1. Goddess Oil by Alignment Alchemy

Barbara took her healing energy to the next level and created her very own skin care creams and elixirs. This light “Goddess” oil has quartz crystal, energy, love, and a beautiful subtle scent. A truly magical blend to be used daily along the sternum to elevate the spirit, open the heart, and inspire meditation.

by Pilates instructor, Barbara Stamis

2. Discovering Joe Pilates

While this book is technically a children’s book, I think Pilates Nerds will adore seeing Pilates’ equipment through the lens of a child. What makes the book especially touching is Christiana‘s eight year old daughter drew the illustrations and both her children are models in the book. A beautiful collaboration.

by Pilates instructor, Christina Maria Gadar

3. Dr Monaco’s CBD Lotion PAIN Formula

This CBD roller is one of my favorite pain products to date. Besides the fact that I love supporting a female business, the brilliant Dr Monaco (chiropractor) took years researching and sourcing her clean ingredients — which are 100 % organic and blended in a lab by nerds. It truly works wonders on achey, tender muscles and joints.

4. Gold Dumbbells for Home or Studio

Made by Blogilates, I think these are the prettiest gold weights on the market. They are also very comfortable to handle and grip. They would be perfect in a Pilates studio, but also wonderful for a home studio. My clients love them!

5. My Happy Feet Socks 

I love a good foot product! These socks separate your toes and give your metatarsal (tissues) a stretch, but still allow sensory input from your toes. A woman invented them to address her own foot issues, and is now helping others do the same! They make great client/colleauge gifts, too.

6. Heaven Embrace candle by A Kind Embrace

Kevyn, a Pilates teacher in NYC, describes her beautiful candles as an experience. “Extraordinary depths of unimaginable love and inspiration for you with one intention…that you remember to savor the simple moments that are filled with pure magic, for they create your story.” Presence is the present with this scent.

by Pilates instructor, Kevyn Zeller

7. Makarlu Domes

Calling all exercise creatives! You will appreciate the diverse ways to use these gorgeous art-like tools. The set (2 domes) comes with a wood foundation that has magnetic domes that stack upon each other. I mainly use them for feet, but also as a release tool for my back. The magnetic properties & various sizes make the variations for use seem endless!

8. Mini Skeleton

I have the 31” model in my studio and love it. The spine bends laterally & holds its shape which is pretty neat. A great conversation piece to engage clients in the underpinnings of our beautiful human form.

9. AJ Love Yoga Mat “I Am Elite Mat” 

I’m in LOVE with this unique, dense mat! Think Manduka. I get a ridiculous amount of complements on it wherever I go. Conceived by yogi Alicia Johnson, who obviously nailed this mantra, it’s the perfect love note to its user on how beautiful ‘positive self talk’ can be!

10. The First Mess Cookbook

I included a cookbook because I love to eat heathy but I tend to run low on recipe inspiration. I think you’ll truly appreciate this beautiful plant based book. You definitely need to check out Laura’s blog thefirstmess.com. There are tons of delicious gf and df recipes, and the site is easy to navigate. You’ll be you glad you took the time to prepare a delicious meal or side and I promise it will inspire you.

11. Pilates Nerd Apparel & Gifts 

Our story at Pilates Nerd® aspires to shake things up and redefine what it means to be a nerd. Translation: it’s cool to know things; things that challenge our imagination. All of our apparel is created with the Pilates Nerd in mind and made in the USA! There are tons of designs for women and men and make perfect gifts for clients, students, and instructors.

by Pilates instructor, Karen Ellis (Me!)


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