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The Reformer

By Benjamin Degenhardt re·form [riˈfôrm] verb: To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects. To put into a better...

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The Knowledge and its inspiration for Pilates Nerds

By Karen Ellis. On a recent trip to London, I relied on the infamous tube to get around. But the last day, I opted not to haul my heavy suitcase onto the tube and instead hailed a taxi to the Eurostar station. En route, a conversation with my gregarious driver ensued about how one becomes a cab driver in London.  The answer - via an ‘examination’ called The London Knowledge. If one chooses to become

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About this blog

...your voice, your story, your contribution, your essence. Pilates Nerd™ is devoted to the brilliance in the field of Pilates, the beauty in a shared idea...

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