Beat the burnout: Take your Nerdiness to faraway places

Written By Stephanie Vanderbeck Pilates nerds are so enthusiastic about their craft that almost nothing can stop their zeal. With workshops and continuing education, there’s so much room for growth. But given time, even teaching Pilates can get stale. So what happens when even the most stimulating workshop fails to breathe life back into your teaching? Rather than going within your mind for knowledge, sometimes it’s best to look outward. Enter travel teaching. There’s no

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Why Sleep?

“I’ll sleep when I’m dead” / “Sleep is for the weak” / “Sleep is overrated” We have all heard these quotes spoken as a “badge of honor” at some time, maybe even from ourselves. But did you know that skimping on sleep is serious business and sleep deprivation is associated with shorter lifespans? As health and wellness guides, it is our responsibility to share with others how important sleep really is. Skimping on sleep… what’s

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Nerd Gift Guide

By Karen Ellis     I’m finally on top of things this year, just enough, to make my own a Pilates Gift guide. Everything on this list is something I personally use or have. Some items could be gifts to give, others just a little treat for yourself! I don't get any kickbacks, discounts or credit for recommending these products (except for my own products), I just really, really like them and I hope you do, too!!

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A Retrospective with a Master – Bob Liekens

By Karen Washburn Ness I first met Bob at a Pilates Method Alliance conference in 2003, and I was impressed by his knowledge, generosity, humbleness, and effectiveness as a teacher.  Here was the man who had the answers I wanted about Pilates, and was more than willing to share all that he knew!  Since that initial meeting, I have met countless instructors who feel the same way about Bob: he is a true master of

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The Reformer

By Benjamin Degenhardt re·form [riˈfôrm] verb: To improve by alteration, correction of error, or removal of defects. To put into a better...

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Spondylolisthesis She Wrote

By Karen Ellis. It happened again. I was in a Mat class recently and I got frustrated -even sad- that I couldn’t do a few exercises...

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The Knowledge and its inspiration for Pilates Nerds

By Karen Ellis. On a recent trip to London, I relied on the infamous tube to get around. But the last day, I opted not to haul my heavy suitcase onto the tube and instead hailed a taxi to the Eurostar station. En route, a conversation with my gregarious driver ensued about how one becomes a cab driver in London.  The answer - via an ‘examination’ called The London Knowledge. If one chooses to become

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